Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birds of West Bengal, India

....... Actually I should have given a caption of this page something like "Birds of Hooghly, West Bengal, India" because all the shots were taken around my residential area and at Garalgacha - Hooghly and also at the outskirts of Garalgacha. I'll try to provide the Bengali name as well as the common English name along with the scientific names of the birds I shot.
But a caution first! It may not be zero-error in identifying some of the species I post here! So please let me know at the very instant.
Thank you ......
  • banspati = green bee eater = Merops orientalis (see below)

  • chhite ghughu = spotted dove = Streptopelia chinensis (see below)

  • pankauri = cormorant = Phalacrocorax niger (see below)

  • go-bok = cattle egret = Bubulcus ibis (see below)

....... more will be later .....


  1. Hi Surajit,
    Why stopped only at 4 such photos ????????????????
    Please publish more and more and more
    Somnath Banerjee
    Kolkata : 700006

    1. Well, I am now studying our flora world... there are so many birder today equipped with expensive lenses! Mine was a compact pocket camera :)